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Positive Behaviour for Learning



Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL).

PBL is a school systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools to teach and succeed with all students. This work is done by establishing a school-wide management framework which:

  • Clearly defines outcomes that relate to academic and social behaviour.
  • Has clear, consistent, durable systems that support the work of staff.
  • Has effective efficient teaching practices that support student success.
  • Uses relevant school data to guide decision making.



PBL is a broad range of systematic and individualised strategies for achieving important social behaviour and learning outcomes.

PBL is an integration of:

  • valued learning outcomes.
  • research validation school systems and practices.
  • the science of human behaviour.
  • organisational frameworks to maximise effective school systems change.



PBL has a teaching focus where emphasis is placed on:

  • Teaching behaviour expectations explicitly.
  • Teaching behaviour expectations like we do academic skills.
  • Maximising academic engagement and success.
  • Using teaching support to remediate behaviour errors before resorting to punishment.






PBL works to enhance the skills and knowledge of teachers about effective systems and teaching practice to maximise positive behaviour and increase learning engagement. School data guides intervention and management decisions.


 PBL establishes a continuum of social behaviour support and social teaching for all students, all staff in all school settings.




PBL Mission Statement:

At Tyalla Primary School we are dedicated to promoting SAFE, RESPECTFUL LEARNERS in a caring environment throughout the school.

PBL is also committed to assisting teachers and school communities to:

  • Increase the consistent use of positive teaching and reinforcement strategies among all school staff at school-wide, classroom and individual student levels.
  • Reduce the use of reactive discipline measures in our school for all students.
  • Increase data-based decision making about behaviour, teaching and learning, across all school settings.
  • Implement effective comprehensive supports and interventions for students with behaviour and emotional needs.



PBL at our school is committed to building a school which:


  • Reinforces the values of the NSW Department of Education and Community.
  • Facilitates a commitment to achievement.
  • Builds a foundation of life long learning.
  • Provides an environment where all students, regardless of diversity, disadvantage or disability can reach their highest potential.
  • Allows students at Tyalla Primary School to experience joy and success each day.



Tyalla Primary School provides a quality education in a creative and caring environment where we strive to achieve and value respect, responsibilty and care. Our aim is to deliver education and training that inspires students to succeed, foster high expectations and prepare them for positive participation in society.