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The school canteen is operated by our Canteen Manager, Hallie who is appointed by the P&C as well as volunteer helpers.  Volunteers work on a roster system of just a few hours per week or month, whatever suits them. We are always, always looking for helpers – just drop us a note, or ring anytime if you wish to be part of a fun and exciting Canteen.  There's always something to do and we can only do it if the School Community joins in and comes to the party!!

The Tyalla School Canteen is currently participating in a pilot program with the MNCH Health Promotions Department to trial the NSW Healthy Canteen Strategy. It has been selected for the pilot as the Tyalla menu has been approved by the Health Department and is really at the forefront of nutritious & delicious food for children.   It heralds a move beyond nutrition guidelines for school canteens to a government-endorsed approach.

We are also a member of the Healthy Kids School Canteen Association which is a key partner in this strategy.  The goals of the NSW SCA are to support school communities wishing to operate economically viable, hygienic and nutritionally orientated school canteens and to increase the number of nutritious foods available to school canteens.

 Canteen Times

  • Recess and Lunch orders close – 9.15am
  • Lunch Baskets Collected – 11.05am
  • LUNCH – 11.10am - 11.50am
  • Canteen Open – 11.10am to 11:45am
  • Canteen Open for Afternoon Recess from 1.50-2.00pm
  • How to Order Your Lunch                               

  • On a lunch bag…………………


  • Your NAME
  • Your CLASS
  • Your ORDER


Where do I put my Lunch Order?

Please hand your lunch order to one of our friendly canteen helpers.........

When do I order?

Remember to put your lunch order in on arrival at school………….

What happens if I need change?

Change will be taped into the corner of your lunch bag.


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